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Thinking of taking part? Here you’ll find the answers to questions that adventurers ask the most…


Do we have to buy our own car?

Yes you do, we have partnered with a local car dealer where you can purchase you cars at a reduced rate or you can buy from a place of your own choice.  You are only able to spend a maximum of £650 on your car.


Do we have to get our own insurance?

Yes you do, you are responsible for your own insurance as well as break down cover, you need to prove you have both before you participate in the adventure.


Do we have to follow the same route?

We suggest doing so, however, as long as you reach the check points and check in via the APP you can take whatever route you like.  We will be convoying into Munich on the last day.


Once I have my car can I improve it?

Yes you can, we would recommend that you have a mechanic look at the car before you embark on the adventure to ensure it is in good shape.  You can also spend as much as you like on improving the car as long as you prove the initial value when purchased was no more than £650.  However, you cannot make modifications to the outside of your car.


Am I responsible for my car if it breaks down?

Yes, it is your responsibility. You must buy European break down cover in the event your car does break down and manage getting your team and bonnet down to Munich!  It is part of the challenge after all!


Do I need to organise my own accommodation on route?

Yes you do.  As a team you are responsible for planning your trip including accommodation, route, petrol, food and drink and the return journey back to the UK


Can I have my car crushed after the event and fly back to the UK?

Yes you can. The car is your responsibility, we can suggest where to get your car crushed in Munich, however you need to donate the bonnet back to Roundabout for auction.


Why can we only have three people in the car?

It is important to have spare seats in your car in case other teams breakdown and need a lift!

Larger cars are permitted but you must ensure that you have spare seats.


Will we be driving in convoy all the way to Munich?

No, we will be leaving Sheffield together and convoying into Munich as a group.

We will also be participating in team challenges en route but other than that you are able to drive the route at your own pace.

The Rally is not a race and we will be leaving at the same time each morning to ensure the support vehicles are where they need to be.


Will there be a support vehicle?

Yes, the support vehicle will follow the same route and check points to Munich. The support team will include a mechanic and members of the team that will assist with any issues that may arise en route, if they are nearby. We cannot guarantee that we can assist you if you breakdown hence why roadside assistance and European breakdown cover is essential.



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